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a widget to power off rooted android mobiles

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This application is only usable for rooted android phones. It is used to shut down the phone. The phone may be shut down when the widget is pressed or when the charger is disconnected. Before shutdown a timer can be used to delay the shutdown.


The program is distributed with the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3. As such its source might be useful as a starting point or for taking example code snippets for other open source applications.




The settings application can be used to control the behavior of the HaltTimer widget. HaltTimer Widget while charging


A widget must be placed on the home screen for the application to be usable. The main purpose of the widget is to shut down the phone a selected time after the phone has stopped charging in projects like this GPS tracker

HaltTimer Widget countdown Depending on your settings a timer will count down to shutdown after the widget has been pressed or the charger has been disconnected.

Other things to consider

Unfortunately the shutdown is done in a rather brute way by doing a "reboot -p" as root to shutdown Linux. It would be better to let all other Android applications know about the shutdown, but unfortunately the DEVICE_POWER permission is for system applications only and not available for ordinary applications. IMHO this is a design flaw in Android.



Date       Version  Comment
3/6   2012 0.9beta  First public release

29/12 2012 1.0      Minor bugfix: Catching non-integers entered as timer value



As the application works fine for my GPS tracker project I have no plans to add any more features.


This app is no longer distributed at Google Play, being present at Google Play results in far too much email spam as explained here.

Current version

Current release is version 1.0, it is available from SourceForge download.
The md5sum of HaltTimer-1.0.apk is ae463d9126c1cb48d7f2b12b1d6976fe

Also the source is available from SourceForge download
The md5sum of HaltTimer-1.0.tar.gz is a7ede5211f3d6e491dde51c0bd42e659

Older versions

Version 0.9beta is available from SourceForge download.
The md5sum of HaltTimer.apk is f6127f3cf40d98a95cb7385ca9128980

Also the source is available from SourceForge download
The md5sum of HaltTimer-0.9beta.tar.gz is 24dbf7e53e60100b032a36aa2f8a9a49

Development version

It is possible to get the latest development source files with the following svn command:
svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/halttimer/code2/trunk halttimer


Bug reports

Bugs should be reported to the SourceForge Bug Tracking System.


Questions will be answered at SourceForge HaltTimer support page.


I used to put my email address on pages like this, but that address is no longer usable because of huge amounts of spam. Please use the above ways to contact me, Henrik Carlqvist.
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